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  1. Rob Gronkowski– ALL HAIL KING GRONK. Words and stats aren’t needed anybody playing fantasy football should know who he is and if you don’t maybe you shouldn’t be playing PERIOD!


  1. Travis Kelce– Some refer to him as baby Gronk, Kelce is a stud TE and deserves all the Gronkowski comparisons. Unfortunately many haven’t heard of this Travis Kelce guy because he’s not a household name like Gronkowski but we got you covered. Travis Kelce was the number 1 fantasy scoring TE last season (why not the real Gronk? He was hurt). Kelce posted 85recs, 1125yds, and 4tds last season. WILL THE REAL GRONKOWSKI PLEASE STAND UP!


  1. Jordan Reed– The often injured TE is a touchdown magnet. The connection he has with QB Kirk Cousins is second to none, even with being injured Reed managed to put up decent numbers at a scarce position. Reed posted 66recs, 686yds and 6tds. Just be careful of how soon you draft him for he is a HIGH RISK due to him being injury prone.


  1. Greg Olsen– Mr. Ole Reliable! At the tender age of 32 Olsen is still putting up solid production and has been consistent for as long as we can remember. Last season stats 80recs, 1073yds and 3tds


  1. Delanie Walker– Marcus Mariota favorite target, Walker rounds out the top 5 TE rankings. Posting stats of 65recs, 800yds and 7tds you will continue to see this type of production from him.


  1. Baltimore KJustin Tucker


  1. Atlanta K Matt Bryant


  1. Patriots K Stephen Gostkowski


  1. Denver Broncos Defense


  1. Kansas City Defense


  1. Minnesota Vikings Defense


There you have it folks our TOP 5 TE, TOP 3 KICKER AND TOP 3 DEFNSE FANTASY RANKINGS! Be sure to READ all the previous rankings to help build your foundation. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FANTASY JOURNEY!!



  1. Antonio Brown– Brown is a top pick in all fantasy formats with out question. Brown led the way for the receivers last year with 106rec, 1284yds and 12tds. If you have a top 3 pick consider yourself L_U_C_K_Y!


  1. Julio Jones– There’s no question that Atlanta offense will regress from last year but that doesn’t mean be cute when drafting receivers early. Julio Jones missed two games last season while dealing with a nagging toe injury but still posted rewarding numbers. 83recs, 1409yds and 6tds.


  1. Odell Beckham– Getting off to a slow start last season Odell made those who passed him up in the draft pay the price. Although he’s highly ranked do keep in mind that he’s currently injured and there’s a possibility he could miss the first game versus Dallas Cowboys, Odell finished the season with 101recs, 1367yds and 10tds.


  1. Jordy Nelson– White Man Can Jump! Jordy Nelson is a fantastic player and honestly can be bumped up in value due to Odell circumstances. Jordy finished as a top 5 WR in 3 out of his last 4 seasons. His season ending stats were 97recs, 1257yds, and a whopping 14tds.


  1. Mike Evans– Mikey Mike led the league in targets last season. Mike is a solid WR and the trust that Winston has in him is second to none. Last season Evans put up 96recs, 1321yds and 12tds.


  1. J Green– Sort of like the forgotten man out the top 5 bunch but with reason. Green failed to reach the 1,000yds mark last season but that due to his injury riddled season. A.J Green still belongs with best of the best and should prove that this season coming back fully healthy. In 10 games A.J posted 66recs, 964yds, and 4tds.


  1. Michael Thomas– You Can’t Guard Mike! Took the league by storm last season and should continue to do so for a looooong time. Thomas put up an impressive 92recs, 1137yds, and 9tds as a rookie. Some could argue he’s due for regression and “sophomore slump” but in the type of offense he’s in it’ll be very hard to imagine.


  1. Doug Baldwin– Probably the most underrated of the bunch but there’s no denying his skill set and his clear cut number 1 position atop of Seattle depth chart. Last season Baldwin blessed his owners with a productive season posting 94recs, 1128yds and 7tds. #Don’tGetCute #DraftSmartMyFriend


  1. Dez Bryant– This is probably too high for our liking but his value skyrocketed up when Elliot was hit with a 6 game suspension. Bryant already seem to have some sort of chemistry with QB Dak which we have seen on display in their preseason game recently. After posting 50recs, 796yds and 8tds last season we can’t fault you for arguing with this ranking.


  1. T.Y Hilton– Murky waters at this number definitely can be debated but there’s no denying his talent and what he’s able to do. His fantasy production relies on Andrew Luck’s health. Without Luck T.Y is a low end WR 2/ high end WR 3 but is a WR 1 with Andrew Luck under center. T.Y put up 91recs, 1448yds and 6tds.



There you have it folks our TOP 10 FANTASY WR RANKINGS! Be sure to keep an eye out for our TOP 5 FANTASY TE, T0P 3 KICKERS AND TOP 3 DEFENSE RANKINGS! COMING SOON……

Week 3 of Preseason is here!

The last week we see the starters before the regular season. Below are some updates of some players who have shined and will definitely be available later on in your draft.

Dalvin Cook– Cook fell in the draft because there were concerns about his durability, speed and off the field issues. However anyone who watched him at FSU knows he is a baller. Overshadowed by the signing of Latavius Murray, Cook was named the starter and has really shined so far in the preseason. He is also a good presence in PPR too.

Kareem Hunt– Another year and another random running back in the Chiefs system. Hunt is the opposite of the bruising Spencer Ware. Hunt is shifty, explosive and athletic. He will certainly be available later on in your fantasy rounds and is just an all around force. Look for him to be another piece in this exciting offense that also features Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

Brandon Marshall– As a struggling Jets fan, seeing Marshall go to the Giants was just throwing salt in the wound of the Jets abysmal offseason. Marshall is a huge big bodied WR who if he had better quarterback play in his career would be one of the best playmakers of our generation. Lucky for him Marshall has Eli Manning who is the best QB he’s ever had and he’s playing opposite of Odell Beckham so he will certainly see a ton of opportunities in single coverage. He will be a red zone presence and could get double digit touchdowns.

Top 10 Fantasy RB (non PPR Rankings)

    1. Le’veon Bell One of the most explosive players in the NFL and the best running back in the league will surely be a top 2 pick in a majority of fantasy drafts. Although he is one positive drug test away from a year long suspension, he is still an explosive runner who utilizes his patient running behind Pitt’s zone blocking scheme. Bell had over 1,200 yards last year even after serving a 4 game suspension and you should expect more in 2017.

    1. David Johnson- DJ is officially the bell cow of the Cardinals and the focal point of their offense. The 25 year old from Northern Iowa had 16 touchdowns in his second year in the NFL. Expect another double digit touchdown year from him in 2017.

    1. Melvin Gordon- Gordon had a huge bounce back year in his second season. He was 3 yards away from 1,000 but without Danny Woodhead on the team, he will also be the focal point on passing downs. Look for him to continue to succeed as he grows more comfortable in the NFL.

    1. Lesean McCoy- The most exciting player to watch in the NFL, Shady has had all of his teammates taken away from him. Now without a viable WR on the roster, he will be the sole focus of the Bills. At 29 he still has a few good years left and coming off of a 50 catch season, expect him to be a effective in PPR and non PPR

    1. Jay Ajayi- With Tannehill down the Dolphins offense has shifted to equip Jay Cutler and Adam Gase’s more downhill offense. Cutler made a career in Chicago by utilizing Matt Forte. While Ajayi isn’t the pass catcher that Forte is, he is still quite the athlete. Coming off a 1,200 yard season and with an improved offensive line. Ajayi will certainly see his fair share of carries.

    1. DeMarco Murray- Murray resurrected his career thanks in part to leaving the train wreck of the Eagles, while also running behind one of the best lines in the game. He would certainly be a top 5 option if Derrick Henry wasn’t waiting in the wings to hawk goal line carries.

    1. Ezekiel Elliot- If you’re reading this you should know that the number one running back is suspended for the first six games. The appeal is going to start in a week but the likelihood of it being dropped is low. Either way it is worth drafting him for an end of the season push, especially as he will have fresh legs entering late October

    1. Jordan Howard- Howard is only 22!!! That is insane. It’s also insane if you don’t draft him when you see the train wreck on the rest of the skill position players in Chicago. They have invested in their offensive line which is great for Howard and also fantasy owners as he will surely have plenty of space to run.

    1. Devonta Freeman- Freeman recently signed a five year contract. Five year contracts for running backs are rare but it shows you that the Falcons plan on using him for a while. Tevin Coleman is going into his contract year and has battled injuries his whole career. Look for the Falcons to justify their signing of Freeman longterm by upping his carries from last season which were at 277.

  1. Todd Gurley- Gurley had a fall from grace after an incredible rookie season. Although it wasn’t fair to expect him to be one of the greats as his skill set doesn’t translate to today’s NFL (not extremely fast and can’t catch). Having said that, there aren’t really any good WRs on LA and their quarterback is still Jared Goff. Look for Gurley to get close to 10 TD’s this season.

Fantasy RB (PPR Rankings)
  1. Le’Veon
  2. David Johnson
  3. LeSean McCoy
  4. Devonta Freeman
  5. Melvin Gordon
  6. Jordan Howard
  7. DeMarco Murray
  8. Jay Ajayi
  9. Ezekiel Elliot
  10. Todd Gurley

There you have it folks our TOP 10 FANTASY RB RANKINGS! Be sure to keep an eye out for our TOP 10 FANTASY WR RANKINGS! COMING SOON……

Top 10 Fantasy QB Rankings

  1. Tom Brady- Super Bowl MVP back at the tender age of 40 is the alpha male in this group. After serving a 4 game suspension he came back and put the league on notice. Throwing for 3,554yds, 28 td’s and ONLY 2ints!! Team will finally be healthy (knock on wood, preseason still going on) and added two good pass catchers in Brandin Cooks and Dwayne Allen. SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT!
  1. Aaron Rodgers- Mr Fantasy QB! One can argue him and Tom Brady being 1A and 1B. The top scoring QB last year throwing for 4,428yds, 40td’s and 7ints. They upgraded at the TE position adding Martellus Bennett to go along with a unit of players consisting of Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams. It wouldn’t be hard to see AROD finish Top 3 again this year.
  1. Drew Brees- Mr. Consistent finishing top 3 in fantasy football 7 out of the past 11 seasons. If you’re looking for consistency look no further. Brees threw for a whopping 5,208yds, 37td’s and 15ints last year. The loss of Brandin Cooks shouldn’t hurt his numbers because Brees spreads the love to everybody.
  1. Kirk Cousins- We know We know where is Matt Ryan? Hear us out on this one. Kirk Cousins is on an upward trend here. He had a breakout season in 2015 and 2016 he was even better finishing with 4,917yds, 25td’s and 12ints which helped him finish 5th in fantasy points amongst QB’s. With a less than stellar run game the Redskins will heavily lean on Captain Kirk once again. Let’s not forget he has Jordan Reed and now Terrelle Pryor to throw it to.
  1. Matt Ryan- MVP MVP MV…not this season. REGRESSION REGRESSION REGRESSION! Not the Blake Bortles lights up the league one year and fool’s gold the following year type of regression but a more settle kind. Matt Ryan set the league on fire last season thanks to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan who took his talents to San Francisco. Ryan had a career best season throwing for 4,944yds, 38td’s and 7ints. With Shanahan no longer in the picture we expect the Falcons to still run the same base offense but lean more towards the ground which will ultimately hurt Ryan’s numbers but not too much hence the number 5 spot. Top 5 Top 5 Top 5!
  1. Russell Wilson- He should be higher but word on the street is that the Seahawks just lost their starting Left Tackle George Fant for the season. Wilson was playing hurt last year and everyone knows that. The offensive line was horrible but a hurt Russell limped his way through the season managing anyway he could. He threw for 4,219yds, 21td’s and 11ints. This wasn’t enough for him to finish top 10 last fantasy season which was a first in his quick 5 seasons. Don’t call it a comeback but a bounce back, Russell Wilson fully healthy, motivated (newborn child), and focused will be a force to reckon with like old times.
  1. Andrew Luck- One of the ELITE QB’s in fantasy football unfortunately for him there’s a thing such as injuries. This is another QB with one of the worst offensive lines but he still manages to put in work when he’s on the field. Andrew Luck threw for 4,240yds, 31td’s and 13ints finished top 4 last season. He wasn’t 100% healthy but he’s the leader of that offense and is the person they lean heavily on. The reason for him being in the 7th spot is due to the uncertainty of his current health situation and his availability to play in week 1.
  1. Cam Newton- Superman aka Mr. Dab regressed last season, it was a very disappointing year for him to say the least. The addition of Christian McCaffrey and speedster Curtis Samuel should help open some lanes for him and add to the offense helping them operate more efficiently. Last season Cam threw for 3,509yds, 19tds and 14ints. Cam had a career low in carries and rushing yds. This might be the beginning to an end for Cam being a top QB because he generated so many points rushing too we are not sure we’ll see that as much anymore. They want to limit the amount of hits Cam take and with the new additions who are capable of coming in and making an immediate impact especially McCaffrey.
  1. Derek Carr Hoping to build on what was a solid sophomore year last season Carr should continue trending upward. With one of the best offensive lines in the game we should see Carr elevate his game. He threw for 3,937yds, 28td’s and 6ints. The addition of a pass catching TE Jared Cook adds a new dimension to his game, lets also not forget the addition of Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode in the backfield. Carr who missed the playoff game last season due to injury is itching to get back. We call this the “Get Back!”
  1. Marcus Mariota- Moving in the right direction is the one they call Marcus “MARIO” Mariota, after having a more efficiently sound and improved year compared to his rookie season Marcus finds himself in another great spot. With the additions of Eric Decker and rookie WR Corey Davis (NFL draft comparison is Eric Decker haha) Mariota should not have an issue improving his numbers and becoming even more efficient. He threw for 3,426yds, 26td’s and 9ints last season.

Honorable Mentions: Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford and Ben Rothlisberger

There you have it folks our TOP 10 FANTASY QB RANKINGS! Be sure to keep an eye out for our TOP 10 FANTASY RB RANKINGS! COMING SOON……

Second Week Preseason Sleepers

With our first slew of preseason games done and the second slate starting u[ we have unfortunately seen more injuries take away starters as well as some players just look completely unprepared for the season. Below are some players to target in your fantasy draft/waiver wire in order to get the edge over your competition.

Leonard Fournette- Although Fournette suffered a minor foot injury he will be ready by the regular season. What has happened in the past week in Jacksonville is abysmal. Blake Bortles continues to show regression and at this point is in serious danger of losing his job. The coach and GM weren’t the ones who drafted him and unless he shows serious signs of improvement fast, the Jags will be forced to start Chad Henne (!!!!). Regardless of who is under center, it won’t be pretty and the passing game will be horrific.  Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns will be impacted most as they don’t have a viable quarterback to give them the ball. The result will be added touches for Fournette. The big bruiser from LSU should get close to double digit touchdowns this year and will get a boat load of carries.

Devante Parker— With the injury of Ryan Tannehill, the dynamic of the Dolphins offense will change. While Jarvis Landry is still one of the best weapons in the NFL, his skill set doesn’t translate well to what Jay Cutler can do. Cutler has a huge arm but not much else but he has made a career of stretching the field. While quick but not necessarily fast, and also small, Landry is more of an underneath option. Devonte Parker is a great deep threat and after Thursday’s game Cutler referred to him as a “faster Alshon Jeffrey”. With Adam Gase leading the offense the featured Cutler and Jeffrey, look for Parker to see more looks and prove his worth to the Dolphins as a first round pick.

LeSean McCoy—Shady should be high up on your board already and I wouldn’t consider him necessarily a sleeper—but like Fournette, this preseason has shown that the passing offense won’t offer much. Because of that there will be a ton of opportunity for Shady to thrive. With the removal of Tyrod Taylor’s favorite option in Sammy Watkins in mid August, and Watkins replacement Jordan Matthews being hurt, there is no one for Taylor to throw to. This will lead to more carries for the most explosive runner in the AFC East. McCoy has made a career of breaking ankles and barring injuries his carry numbers should reach an all time high. Look for Shady to have a huge year if he stays healthy.
First PreSeason Week Sleepers
With the first week of preseason upon us we will begin to (unfortunately) see players suffer lengthy injuries right before the start of the season. Several big name players have suffered weekly and even season long injuries before they have even played a preseason game.

Your bald friend Cody here is happy to help assist in letting you know who should see more opportunities as they move up the depth chart. Below are the players who are out and the supporting cast that will step in to help in fantasy, DFS or just alleviating any concern about who will ball out for your team.

Will Fuller— Fuller was the Texans first round pick last year and was never able to fulfill his true potential due to Brock Osweiler throwing to the wrong team. Fuller is a true deep threat in the same sense as DeSean Jackson. Unfortunately Fuller broke his collarbone and will be out for a few months. With his absence expect to see second year players Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller get more carries. Strong is a true red zone presence and when he is focused, has some serious potential. Miller is a gadget player who is still learning the position but when in open space is always a threat to score.

Quincy Enunwa—As a depressed Jets fan forcing myself to believe that Hackenberg will be worthy of his second round pick, the only bright spot for me in this 2017 offense was Quincy. He is built like a tight end but runs like a wide out and made circus catches all year, while at the same time making Ryan Fitzpatrick seem like a serviceable quarterback. He unfortunately has a bulging disc in his neck and will be out all season if not longer. The cupboard is bare on the Jets depth chart after him but look for second year speed demon Robby Anderson to come in as the Jets number one option. While rail thin, Anderson has dangerous run after catch ability and has been training all offseason with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. If for no other reason that there won’t be other people to throw too, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Robby come close to 90 catches. If you’re in a really deep league, rookies Ardarius Stewart or Chad Hanson could also be late round sleepers but they haven’t proved much yet.

Sammie Coates and Martavis Bryant– Both players are listed as week to week and in Bryant’s case, he is really second to second of missing another year for getting high. Because of his refusal to stop smoking the Steelers intelligently drafted Juju Smith-Schuster to fill in at WR. While Coates offers big play ability his hands leave much to be desired. Juju is about as sure handed as it gets and will be a great underneath option while Antonio Brown and either Coates or Bryant spread out the field. Juju will certainly see his fair share of targets.

That’s all for this week as there has only been one game played. Unfortunately as the preseason goes on we will see may more injuries come up which will create more opportunities for younger players.