NFL 2017-2018 Award Predictions

By: Carl Thomas August 7, 2017

It’s August and preseason has officially begun! FOOTBALL is BACK!! With that being said it’s that time of year to give out my predictions for the upcoming season. Last year we gave it to you guys through the airwaves, this year we’re doing it differently and documenting it. We need you guys to see how credible I am and why the host (Cody) got his nickname “Hot Take Magee”. It’s showtime…

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Offensive Rookie of the Year
My offensive rookie of the year goes to someone I expect to see many touches out the gate. Jacksonville Jaguars soon to be starting Running Back Leonard Fournette. Jaguars desperately need to get the ball out of Quarterback Blake Bortles hand and given the ineffectiveness of both T.J Yeldon and Chris Ivory at running back the opportunity is there. With a bruising running style and not shying away from contact I can see Fournette taking advantage of his opportunity and hit the ground running.
Honorable MentionChristian McCaffrey, RB- Carolina Panthers

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Defensive Rookie of the Year
Defensive rookie of the year is so hard; there are more than a handful of talented defensive players in great position. With that being said I have to pick one and the chosen one for me is New York Jets safety Jamal Adams. Adams is a talented athlete who excels in both the pass and run coverage. With LITERALLY nobody in his way to take reps away from him he’s in the best position to immediately make a name for himself. His career at LSU was defined not only by his talent but also the energy he played with, the way he communicated and his natural born leadership abilities. These qualities are the makings of a great player.
Honorable MentionMyles Garrett, DE- Cleveland Browns

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Offensive MVP
Le’ Veon Bell—Le’Veon is extremely upset with the Steelers organization and is displaying it by not reporting to camp. He’s currently holding out from training camp and working out on his own. The team slapped him with a franchise tag worth roughly around $12 million. Bell took to social media stating he deserves to paid like an rb1 and wr2, rightfully so no one can argue that whatsoever. All this is doing is adding fuel to the fire. He’s going to put the league and Steelers organization on notice this season. Le’Veon is going to be the first rb since Adrian Peterson (2012) to win the MVP award and change the way running backs get paid. Just wait on it!
Honorable MentionDavid Johnson, RB- Arizona Cardinal

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Defensive MVP
Khalil “Mac Truck” Mack—Last season I had Khalil as my winner and my guy went out there and didn’t disappoint. I’m going back to the well on this one. After winning last season Khalil wasn’t satisfied. He recently came out and said his goal this season is to record 30 sacks! 30 sacks! The current record is 22.5 by Michael Strahan but that’s neither here or there, the fact that he’s still motivated and hungry for more shows a lot about his character. That’s the type of guy I am rooting for. He’ll be in a class with Lawrence Taylor and J.J Watt if he wins back to back. Just wait on it!
Honorable MentionAaron Donald, DT- Los Angeles Rams

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Coach of the Year
Sean “Molly Percocet” Payton is in a FANTASTIC position this year. Finishing 7-9 for the past 3 seasons the Saints will make the jump this year. The addition of Adrian Peterson teaming up with Mark Ingram in the backfield makes for a deadly combo. The offense was already explosive and just got better. With defenses worrying about Brees they won’t dare stack the box and if they do LIGHTS OUT! Saint’s also made some changes on defense and got some much needed depth through the draft and free agency especially in the secondary. The Saints will be marching in the PLAYOFFS this season. Just wait on it!
Honorable MentionMike Mularkey, HC- Tenesse Titans

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