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NFL 2017-2018 Award Predictions

By: Cody Roche   @CodyintheCut  July 16, 2017

Well it’s mid-July so I figured it was appropriate to give my preseason predictions for the upcoming season. With my luck half of these players will be cut by the end of training camp but anyways, lets get on to them!


Offensive Rookie of the Year
My offensive rookie of the year goes to DeShaun Watson. While he hasn’t been granted the starting job yet, I think there hasn’t been a rookie QB in as good of a situation as Watson is in– in years. He is surrounded by a solid run game with Lamar Miller, a decent offensive line led by All Pro Duane Brown and has fantastic offensive weapons led by Deandre “Nuk” Hopkins.
Watson proved he was a winner at his time in Clemson and despite limitations with his arm strength he is clutch and accurate. All in all I think Watson proves his worth and leads the Texans to the playoffs HOT TAKE HOT TAKE!
Honorable Mention—John Ross, WR- Cincinnati Bengals


Defensive Rookie of the Year
My defensive rookie of the year will be Malik Hooker. Hooker has fantastic range and is the perfect fit for the Colts who haven’t had above average safety play since Bob Sanders. Hooker has had comparisons to Ed Reed and it’s not hard to see why. He is a true center fielder and I think he makes a quick impact in the NFL with some athletic picks (it doesn’t hurt that he will face Blake Bortles twice a year). He should be in the Pro Bowl for years to come and I think he will make an instant impact.
Honorable Mention—Jamal Adams, Safety- New York Jets

Offensive MVP
Unfortunately Brady—moving on…


Seriously though, Brady has never had as loaded of a lineup. Belichek must have blackmail on the rest of the owners because he keeps getting fantastic players for nothing. Brandin Cooks going to the Pats is going to be EXPLOSIVE and only open up the field for Edelman,Gronk, Amendola and Hogan. Let’s not even bring up the run game (WHY AM I A JETS FAN THIS IS AWFUL)

Anyways the Pats are going to cake walk into another Super Bowl because the AFC is horrific and Cody is going to drink bleach..the end
Honorable Mention—Odell Beckham, WR- New York Giants


Defensive MVP
Aaron Donald—Aaron Donald is currently in a contract dispute but he should be the highest paid player in the NFL. There aren’t any other humans who are 290 pounds and can run a 4.6 40. Aaron Donald has been wrecking havoc in the trenches since his rookie year and is really a specimen. I’m expecting another double digit sack total from him and wouldn’t be shocked if he got close to 20 sacks. He is my favorite player to watch in the NFL and I think he will continue to progress on a special level.
Honorable Mention—Von Miller, LB- Denver Broncos

Jets Giants Football

Coach of the Year
Ben McAdoo a.k.a Big Ben ‘No Eyebrows No Problem’ McAdoo is in a FANTASTIC position this year. The coach of the New York Football Giants has an embarrassment of riches on both sides of the ball. With the addition of Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram, their offense should truly flourish. On the defensive side of the ball they will benefit from the continued growth of young superstars Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon. With his creative schemes I expect McAdoo and Eli to lead this young team to the playoffs
Honorable MentionBill O’Brien, HC- Houston Texans

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Thanks for all the support and we hope you have a great and happy New Year!